YES_NO Performance Installation



  • Transmorphed Realities – The Abdication of the Visual Realm -Korean Foundation Gallery, Seul, South Korea, 2016
  • DISRUPTIVE EXPERIENCES, Museo LaNeoMudejar, Madrid, Spain, 2024

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TThe installation invites the participants to perform an act of affirmation and negation weighting time according to his perception of the relevance to affirm or deny in everyday life. In other words, participant is proposed to be recorded for 30 seconds performing simple nodding or shaking head movements repeatedly.

__YES__NO consists of three parts: an area of interaction, where a computer captures and processes in video the visitor’s actions, and two projections. The first projection shows a video projected onto two masks of plaster and works as a reference to the public. Second projection is dynamic and is generated from the recordings made in the area of interaction, composing a video mosaic in real time with 9 different visitors.

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This act involves a reflection on how to set the time in acts of affirming and denying according to your personal criteria. And here comes the questions that we can get to determine the time devoted to gesture to affirm or deny in this improvisation: Am I of those who tend to affirm or deny mostly? Do I think that affirming / denying has a clear relation to the positive / negative character, optimistic / pessimistic people? Or, do I think that affirming is to accept everything other people say while denying means saying NO to what I am asked unfairly? If denying generates conflicts when, how and to what extent it is considered that denying brings positive value?. Is it passive affirmation not very often a denial of your own thoughts, emotions, needs or desires?, Does affirmation imply a return to the simple, to the everyday, primary reality that allows a social and personal growth?.

Finally, the recording of participating visitors will be mixed with that of other spectators to create a mosaic that will show how different or similar is this simple act. The possibility to observe ourselves in a process that engages us individually but also collectively can give us clues on recognition and thinking. Global results of the total time people have been affirming or denying may be interpreted.

The international exhibition of this work at the Korea Foundation in Seoul underscores the global relevance and impact of the collective's artistic vision. By engaging audiences across cultures, the installation invites diverse perspectives and fosters cross-cultural dialogue, further enriching the collective experience of the artwork. Overall, the "YES_NO Performance Installation" exemplifies the 3Dinteractivo collective's innovative approach to interactive art, inviting viewers to actively participate in the creation and interpretation of the artistic experience.