MUSEO_IA| Learning from Oblivion|


  • This video is a recreation of the feasibility study of the project. The virtual room shows the result of this study carried out to materialize paintings from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries mainly with a virgin and child theme.

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    The project MUSEO_IA| Learning from oblivion| aims at the research and development in an artistic project that uses Artificial Intelligence to re-create disappeared artistic heritage.

    The idea of the project starts from the current situation of the Museum of Palencia that, being heir of the Mendizábal disentailment of 1835, does not have, like other provincial museums of the same condition, origin and trajectory, funds of an artistic nature, mainly works of painting and sculpture, which constituted the artistic materials that primarily passed to the newly created museums from the monasteries suppressed in that period and that provided the provincial museums with the first collections of an artistic nature from which they created their sections of Fine Arts.

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    The questions is : Is it possible to make an exhibition about works of art, specifically paintings, of which we have hardly any information, practically unknown and disappeared? In this project we propose to re-materialize the collection of disappeared paintings using Artificial Intelligence, which will be added to the intelligence and collective collaboration of participants to finally decide which pieces will be part of the new XXI century collection.

    The website to access the final results is: